S.T. Art

Australian Artist Creating Beautiful and Bright Pieces for Your Walls

First of all

S.T. Art's primary medium is oil painting, where each stroke serves as a gateway to transcend the banality of everyday existence and infuse life with captivating beauty. With an unyielding commitment to delving into the depths of human emotion, S.T. Art fearlessly navigates the shadows of the psyche, intertwining light and darkness to illuminate the complexities of the human experience. Through his masterful manipulation of color and form, S.T. Art's oil paintings transcend mere aestheticism, inviting viewers into a profound dialogue that challenges conventional perceptions and fosters introspection.

Adam (2020) digital oil paint
Adam (2020) digital oil paint

Not to mention

Using digital brushes and paints S.T. Art creates ethereal life portraits and abstract pieces as well as 3D sculptures designed for meta verse spaces.

Ortika #5 - generative art project on FXHash
Ortika #5 - generative art project on FXHash

And let's not forget

Generative and Coded Art

S.T. Art experiments with generative and JavaScript art, creating unique pieces that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

About me

S.T. Art, an Australian visionary hailing from the cultural hub of Melbourne and now flourishing in the creative landscape of Northern NSW, epitomizes an artist in perpetual evolution. Fueled by an insatiable appetite for learning, he fearlessly explores novel techniques and embraces cutting-edge technologies. A polymathic force, S.T. Art seamlessly intertwines his musical prowess, underscored by a doctoral mastery in Neuroscience, into his artistic expression. His oeuvre defies convention, oscillating effortlessly between diverse subject matters and pure abstraction. With an alchemical touch, S.T. Art conjures vibrant compositions that elevate beyond the mundane, offering viewers a transcendent respite from the cacophony of modern existence.

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